About Us

AMZER Print is a online lifestyle accessory customisation platform brought to you by AMZER, a known name since the last 15 years in the accessories market.  AMZER Print is an attempt to provide customers an opportunity to take the creative lead and wear, use and carry what they believe in be it a colour, pattern, design, person, memory, interest or belief. AMZER Print is your go-to platform to put your creativity in use for all the right reasons. 

Being an AMZER product, AMZER Print maintains the same gold standard of customer service, product quality, variety and pricing - determined to become the market leader in personalised lifestyle accessories across the world. 

Currently AMZER Print is headquartered in New Delhi, India under the voluntary contribution of the Make in India initiative - however, maintaining with a global supply chain and reach; working with industry leaders in order to provide the highest quality of products engineered using the latest and greatest technologies. 

For more on AMZER Print: contact@amzerprint.com